Writing Sample 1

(Excerpt from the Musing’s feature short, Grace)

Act Three

Scene 3


(Jazmine, Keenan)

(Jazmine has candles lit around the loft, fresh cooked steak, and a warm bath ready, Keenan comes in from a long day at work)


(Kissing him at the door, taking his coat and bag)

Hey baby! how was your day?!


(Taken aback, indulging)

Whoa baby?? Oh, glad it’s over and now I’m home with my beautiful–is that steak I smell? Oooh baby! You must’ve had a good day!


(Smiling, giggling flirtatiously, guiding him to table)

That’s right baby! We’re having steak…

and whatever else you want to have with it tonight…

(they kiss)


Hmmmmyes! Wait a minute. I smell a set-up.

What’s the occassion baby?


Oh baby…us!


(a glance of confusion)

Us? If this was just us, why don’t you do this every night?


Oh, baby…I can’t hold it anymore!

You might want to at least sit down.


(sitting down)

Baby, I don’t understand, what’s up?


Well, I know we haven’t discussed the adoption

situation too much,

but thing is…I’ve done some research,

and A LOT of thinking and…

I think we should adopt Gabriel!


(In disbelief)

You think we should what!?



I know. That’s what everyone’s been saying,

but it actually makes perfect sense…to me, at least.


(Disagreeing, becoming flustered)

Perfect sense!? JAZ! Do you have any idea what you’re saying??


I wouldn’t be saying it if I didn’t! But Keenan, why not?

That child needs a loving home…and we want to

provide one don’t we?? Yes, he’s WHITE Keenan,

but look at where we might have been, had it not

been for some people in our lives…who took us in!


But Jazmyne, that’s different! Your situation…and mine…

you can’t say they’re the same…

and neither will this one be!


Keenan! What two live are exactly the same?

No ones.  But we can make a difference, we can–


Do you know how carzy this is!? It’s insane! Of all the

black children who need adoping, just like we did at one

point in time…and now you don’t want to do that for

one of your own??


I’m not saying this is a motive Keenan, but which one

of OUR OWN did it for us?! Can you

answer that, Keenan?


I just don’t know where to begin with this…

Now granted, our backgrounds are a little prepped for

taking measures like this, but…Jaz, I couldn’t begin

to say what’s wrong with this picture.


That’s your problem Keenan, you’re thinking

about a picture…if my parents would have thought

of the picture…you think I be standing here before

you today? Stop looking here (points to eyes)

and start focusing on what’s here!

(places hand over heart)

Two happy parents. One happy family.


(Begins pacing)

Gabriel huh? He needs a home…just like we did.

There’s no tellin’. You know, I realize,

when we were talking about adopting…a white kid

never came to mind, but..I guess I’ve delt with

enough on my team…in life…whoa.

(sitting slowly, Jazmyne joins hm on his lap)


(Leans to whisper in his ear)

Well, here’s another surprise for ya…

we’re set up to see him tomorrow morning…

it’s all in Gods’ plan baby.


(turning head sharply to look at her, grabs her hand)

Baby, then I guess we better start praying baby…

I’m gonna need your hand on this one,

and don’t let go…because I’ma need

you for this one. I love you.

We’re in this together.


(Looks him in eyes)

Since the day I met you. I love you, always.

(They hold eachother)


2 responses

8 05 2009
kellie maddux

This is fabulous. I am a very avid reader and I was instantly into this. I would love to read the rest. Please keep me informed. You have awesome talent. may God Bless you and keep you.

10 05 2009

Thankyou SO much!

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