Connie Culp–Domestic Violence Survivor

5 05 2009

Sometimes I hate men.  Let me re-word that–

This is survivor, Connie Culp after the shooting.

This is survivor, Connie Culp after the shooting.

I hate the depths that evil can go into the human spirit.  The way it can twist the minds of men to believe they are something that they’re not.  Evil will have men believing that they have the power to take the life of another.  When they believe they can, they will. I hate it.

This is exactly what happened to this woman.  Though she still stands breathing today…her life was taken from her by a man, and not just any man, by her husband.  Her HUSBAND did this to her!  And I know domestic violence is an on-going Global phenomenon, and has been since human existence…I wish I knew how to infiltrate “Enough is Enough” into the world of Rhianna and Chris Brown…but the fact of the matter is, the only difference between her case and HUNDREDS of THOUSANDs of others, is that she happened to survive for reasons I swear only God knows!

He (her husband) took her physical life though! He meant to take it all…But even HE could not BARE that burden…people THINK they have the power to take another human life.  But most DON’T because when they succeed in taking that one life… they CAN’T LIVE WITH THEMSELVES.  It’s proven time and time again…he shot himself.  But THEY BOTH SURVIVED!!!! God is amazing. Untouchable.

And now, yes, she’s a medical breakthrough…but look at what COST!  Her HEART is DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR…guaranteed.  Imagine…your facial bone structure being completely pulverized and caved in by a SHOTGUN, 8 ft from Your HEAD!!!  And for WHAT REASON??? Due to some wholly SELFISH attempt to take your life at the hands of the person whom you have literally given your life to!

Pussycat Dolls— “I hate…this… part… right…. here!”—-

God only knows…she’s alive for a reason…so is her DISGUSTING HUSBAND (Though he shot himself in the head too) There’s a special place in hell! Sadly, you can find it right here on Earth too!

However much I ALSO hate to say it…this MAY have been been able to have been prevented…had she found a way to leave him sooner, before he DECIDED that he would leave it to the SHOTGUN to determine!


I hate it.

We all thought Rhianna’s face was on ‘swole’….And it’s just the emotional scars that leave me wondering…this woman can’t be the same person she was before being shot in the face by her husband.

I thought it to be kind of a blessing (so call me shallow) when I read that she had gone blind from the incident…although I wonder how long it had been before she could see again.  And if she could see in the mirror, would she see the selfish act that caused the scar that is now her face?  That’s gotta be…I can’t even imagine the pain.

To live after certain death…and your FACE COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED for it.

Connies' new face. Although it's easier on the eye, it still won't be able to cover up the permanent scar of Domestic Abuse.

Connies' new face. Although it's easier on the eye, it still won't be able to cover up the permanent scar of Domestic Abuse.

God Bless Connie Culp.

I pray that she lives well…and that her purpose is found.