It’s Time

22 04 2009

I just spoke to one of my only lifelong friends.  I am instantly inspired…The last couple of weeks have been timultuous, as far as my emotional life goes.  But my friend, he has just confirmed something for me and himself, unknowingly that had been the source of our many debates over the years.  That debate is of passion. And following it.   You see, I have always known myself to be an artist, my art is writing.  My imagination is something I now know to be a gift from God.  Anyway, I always told him I would follow my passion to write and become successful in life, earning my living doing it.  He didn’t believe one could pursue their passion and be successful; he thought that all it could amount to is “starving artistry.”

Well, he just unwittingly confirmed his prior beliefs to be wrong…as NOW, he is actually in HEAVY pursuit of his own lifelong passion, which has always been music.  He is a singer, dancer, actor extraodinaire in the making…and as he brought testimonials of his musical pursuits down upon my head this evening, I just had flashbacks from a time in his younger life when he put “foolish” dreams of music aside and began “being realistic” and working and saving money, because money is the only thing that is proof of any “real success.”  Hahahahaha…I remember that attitude, he put it on display constantly throughout middle and high school….

Well look how far he’s come…now a man, a “GRown Ass Man” as we like to say, hehe.  He is now a living testament, in my mind, that we, human beings, cannot deny the gifts that God has given us.  And if we do, we are surely to perish, if not in the flesh, in spirit, for sure. Something of us dies.  Something dies inside of us and makes life all the more unbearable when we suffocate those natural gifts given unto us.

With that said, I am ELATED to tears, that my friend has now overcome that false mentality of “Material Gain” determining his worth.  He knows who he is, and I am SO PROUD of him…mind you, he still WORKS more and harder than most people I know (two jobs in Economic recession, haha), he is blessed in more ways than one, I am so proud of him…AND the best thing about it is he is doing it all for the LOVE of his MUSIC! He’s come full circle in many ways…Tonight he has inspired me to the depths of my spirit, to do what is right for me, and for God…I too, am to shine.  His shear and unshakeable determination that I can feel burning within him is what “shook me up” to write this.   I’ll be damned if I stop now!

Salvation through Inspiraton :)

Salvation through Inspiraton 🙂

MABC, I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you!!!  MUAH!!!