The Soloist

28 04 2009

Jamie Foxx is lookin’ to get another Oscar for this one…

Jamie Foxx is Nathaniel Ayers, The Soloist

Jamie Foxx is Nathaniel Ayers, The Soloist

how incredible is he??  How PERFECT of a role for him to play…Jamie can’t seem to stray too far from the music…the love of music, which he as himself–innately– also has.  So it’s a given for him, and a “Straight-up Gift from God.”  A gift for his gift of acting, and music…what a treat it must’ve been.  He will reap the rewards…as long as he doesn’t make too much of an ass of himself in the process.

Oh my tangents…;)

A dear fellow alumni and friend of mine called me “out-of-the-blue” today because she was just “itching” to see The Soloist with Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx…both extraordinary performances.

So we went to see it…funny because it was showing in two different theatres, one right across the way from the other… So how about we go LEFT when the ticketer had TOLD US to go RIGHT…we walk in on what is–unbeknownst to us at the time–the FRickin Middle of the damn movie!  We sit there…trying to hone in on what’s happening…I ask for the ticket stubs…we were in theatre 3…we needed to be in 6!  Lol…thank God I checked…well, we woulda figured it out eventually…COLLEGE GRADS…right!? LOL.

*Big Sigh* of relief as we make our way into the correct theatre…previews ablast….whew!   I was gonna be pissed had it not worked out the way it did. 😀

If you know about passion, come see this film.  If you feel alone in the world…come see this film. If you are a TRUE MUSIC HEAD, you’ll love this film.  Bring a friend who has been feeling down on themselves, this may sound a bit arrogant, but this film is a great way to feel better about your life situation.  If you are a believer, you will be fully re-affirmed in your faith.  God is amazing…maybe even if you need a good cry, to rejoice for your life and the people in it, see it for yourself.  This film is art recognizing art…If you are a journalist, musician, artist…If you worked for a dying, or now deceased newspaper, if you’re in search of what’s next…

Check it out.  🙂  *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*  !!!