The Musing Bio

Smile Like The Sunrise...;)

There’s nothing that words can’t do or say. Words create worlds.  In those worlds, there’s a place for expression.  Expression can bring about an array of emotions. From those emotions come something unique and different.  Inspiration.   We don’t use enough of them within the English language that make up our modern, Western society.

Cydnie has always been mused by words; the way they allow her  self-expression in the most blatant forms.  With words as her first mechanism of expression, beginning with the words inside of her head, she pours out poetry from pen to page. Sometimes her words end up in script form.  Ultimately, she really enjoys formulating images with them by means of media art.

A connoisseur of film, Cydnie surveys the art of screen-writing and play-writing, in hopes of soon finding a means to incorporate her own ideals into the vast spectrum. She received her B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communications with a Minor in Spanish from North Carolina A&T State  University. Cydnie has worked in local television news (KWGN-TV) as a Production Assistant. Currently, she muses within the world of theatre at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  She has also interned in local television news marketing and promotions. She has written a short screenplay.  Sci-fi and drama as well as musicals, are her reasons  for being.


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2 12 2010
Betty Rice

Hi Cyndie, thanks for sharing your website with me. You really do have a passion for writing. I pray that your gift to write will be a blessing to the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God as you become a published author, playwriter and song writer. I also have a website with WordPress.

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