I Am Sent (Inspired by the story of the Samaritan Woman)

24 04 2009
Like her, I came to draw water…
Secretly In search for something more
Jesus was in front of me the WHOLE time,
Telling me what I was there for…
He called me the messenger.
To there, for Him, I was sent:
To fetch the overflowing pail
of everlasting life.
To there, for Him, I was sent:
To bring truth and light,
to speak and deliver
the message
that is everyone’s right.
To there, for him, I was sent:
To hear the story of my wretched life…
The pain,
the strife,
what a life,
such a life,
I could not bare
To share alone.
To there, for Him, I was sent:
On my own for the first time.
On my own to witness and testify.
It is not up to me to justify my own salvation.
And so to you, the nation,
I speak Libations of truth.
Truth being found only through Him.
Through Him I was sent
to be the “Harvester”, even though
I am no Gardener.
The harvester upon nations of fruit…
The truth unto you has now been proclaimed…
Now ripen blessed fruits!
We are ripe.
Ripe with the promise of redemption,
Ripe with Salvation…
Drinking from the wells of everlasting life!



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6 05 2009
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